Height Right Chair HAND BAR

Price: 50 € Price ex EU VAT
Product Code: 61030000 Brand: Special Tomato

Height Right Chair - a Special Tomato Product

Standard Product Features

  1. Adjustable seat plate in height
  2. Adjustable foot plate in height
  3. Adjustable foot plate in depth
  4. Stable and secure base
  5. Adjustable seat plate in depth
  6. 3 point pelvic belt
  7. Wooden Back and Seat, prepared for quck mouting of cushions
  8. Accessories available; Cushions, Duck Feet, Tray and Grab Bar.

Grab Bar

The Height Right Chair can be equipped with a Grab Bar.

Cushions for Height Right Chair

Height Right Cushions

The Height Right Chair can also be equipped with different Soft Touch cushions.

  • The Standard Height Right cushions comes in 3 different colours and all in one size.
  • The Seat cushion slides into place, between the two side bars.
  • The Seat cushion is also hold in place with the 3-point belt.
  • The Soft Touch feature makes the Seat more comfortable for the user
  • The Back cushion is especially made to fit into the wooden back.
  • The Back cushion is very easy to mount into the preoared carvnings in the back.

EPP Cushions - Early Pelvic Positioning Cushions

The Height Right Chair can also be equipped with the newly developed EPP cushion. It is a more supportive seat cushion, with higher sides, back and abduction pommel.

  • Nice contoured Seat with, designed to fit with the Height Right Back.
  • Standard straps come along to fasten the Seat on the bar below the wooden seat board.
  • Order special straps to fasten the Seat on other Seats.
  • Very supportive shape, providing the user with stability.
  • The EPP cushion comes in 3 colours.
  • The EPP cushion is available in 1 size.

Liner Cushions

The Height Right Chair can also be equipped with the Liner Seat and Back cushions.

  • Liner Seat size 1 and 2 can be mounted on the wooden seat board.
  • The Seats can be sucurely mounted by making use of the straps that comes along with the Seat cushion.
  • The Liner Back can also be mounted on the wooden back board.
  • In order to prevent the Liner Back to slide, we recommend an extra set of straps that hold the Back in place from sliding down or sideways.
  • Please note that Liner Back size 2 might not be possible to mount if the wooden seat board is in a high position.

Strappings for the Feet - "Duck Feet"

Keep the feet in place with the Duck Feet for the Height Right Chair.   The Special Tomato™ Height Right Chair, stylish, comfortable seating at home or in school. The warm look of natural hardwood encourages interaction with peers, while providing minimal to moderate support for your child.

Measure chart
Description Seat heigt max Seat plate width x depth foot plate width x depth max user weight Chair weight
Height Right Chair 61cm (24") 42x24 (16.5x9.5") 42x29cm (16.5x11.4") 68kg (lbs150) 7,3kg (lbs16)

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